Although sports can be enjoyable, they also provide opportunities for stress and injury. The nature of exercise itself is a cycle of stress and renewal. Whatever type of exercise and sport you enjoy, it is always recommended that you first consult with your physician. Massage can be used to complement exercise routines to help minimize the stress to the body and maximize the benefit of exercise.

Poulsbo sports massage

The human body's response to regular exercise increases vigor and promotes a general sense of well-being. Exercise with a focused intent can produce positive physical results, such as increased muscle strength, muscle mass, flexibility and endurance. These physical changes occur as the body gradually adapts to the greater demands put on it by regular exercise. When done in moderation, it can help relieve stress and has been linked to decreased tendencies towards depression.

If you train intensely, have strenuous workouts, or have a physically demanding job, muscle strength and endurance is pushed to its limits and beyond. The results may include: increased metabolic waste buildup in the tissues; strains/sprains in the muscle that may range from microscopic to major injury; inflammation; spasms and pain that restrict movement; among others.

There are many benefits of incorporating Sports Massage into your conditioning program—including helping you get into shape faster and with less soreness, which provides improved power and performance. It takes the body 48-72 hours to recover from a intense work-out. Massage can reduce this time by 50% as it helps the body process metabolic waste. Massage also relieves conditions which may cause injury; reduces heart rate and blood pressure; increases blood circulation and lymph flow; among other benefits such as increased flexibility.

If you routinely stretch your physical limits through movement associated with common (or even extreme) sports—ranging from running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, racquetball, tennis, strength training, aerobics, and so on—massage can be very beneficial. Physically demanding daily activities, such as mothers with small children, gardeners, construction workers, will also benefit from Sports Massage.

Sports Injuries

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