There are many types of aches and pains our clients experience that develop from a spectrum of everyday stresses to injuries to illnesses. The results of tension and pain can be similar even if they derive from different sources. Some of the most typical types of pain are in the neck, back and shoulders. Specific treatment is based on the client's specific needs.

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Eric uses a combination of massage techniques to help stimulate healing. Sometimes Deep Tissue techniques are necessary, which are carefully applied. Deep Tissue does not have to involve pain as commonly thought. A therapist with knowledge of the muscles insertions, origins and actions will address the areas of concern properly. When done correctly, no bruising will occur. Deep Tissue Massage can help reduce pain, specifically nerve pain caused by tight muscles commonly found in the hips (sciatic pain), neck/shoulder (arm pain, carpal tunel) as well as improve movement.

Eric takes time to discuss the type of pain and tension as well as additional health concerns that factor into designing a customized massage experience—whether it be for an adult or for a child. Massage treatment is beneficial for people of all ages. Read on to learn more about some of the most common types of pain as well as how massage treatment can specifically help children with ailments.

Treatment for Neck Pain Matters

Treatment for Back Pain Matters

Treatment for Shoulder Pain Matters

Treatment for Pediatric Massage Matters

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