Our shoulders do so much for the human body all day long. It is no wonder shoulders often become injured by overuse or sudden movement. Because it is central to many types of movement, shoulders are connected to many other related muscles that affect other area in almost every direction. Because we have two shoulders, it doubles the possibility of shoulder pain.

shoulder pain treatment

Shoulder injuries can cause pain throughout the upper body. Tight shoulder muscles can impinge nerves which can translate into arm, hand, neck, and back pain—or even numbness. These muscles can also be the source of headaches.

Massage helps bring your shoulder back into its proper alignment—allowing surrounding muscles to be in a more supple and healthy state. This can be achieved by lessening adhesions that restrict movement of and blood flow to the shoulder muscles. By doing so, it changes the "holding patterns" that prevent the shoulder from moving as freely as is meant to be. Massage in one area benefits many areas.

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